July 5th, 2015

I decided to treat myself to a wonderful morning brunch. I have been working so hard and I felt that I needed a luxurious morning retreat. I zipped off to the grocery store. While on the way, I decided my special menu should consist of mimosas, French toast, eggs over medium, turkey bacon, avocado, and chocolate pudding.

Once I arrived home, I immediately opened the bottle of champagne that I selected. I should have used more caution when opening the bottle, because once Maxine heard the pop of the cork, she came running into the kitchen faster than a gazelle being chased by a lion. She begged me for a sip and then insisted that she be allowed to enjoy the restaurant quality breakfast with me. I told her that in order for her to partake, she must pay for half of the items, to which of course, she whimpered, and retreated back to her lair. I persevered and gently took the turkey bacon of out the wrapper and placed it onto my griddle and then carefully turned the heat to medium low in order that I get a consistent, slow cooked piece of bacon. I then gently started to mix the French toast egg batter, when I realized that I was wearing a wonderful double-layer blouse which would certainly be ruined if spattered with grease.

I walked into my room to find a suitable alternative and by the time I had walked back into the kitchen to check on my bacon, Maxine had made guacamole out of my avocado. The little twit had left a dollar bill next on the countertop. I was so aggravated and annoyed that I turned off the griddle, took my bottle of sparkling white and retreated into my bedroom.

When I finally left my room to relieve my bladder, I noticed another dollar bill on the counter and a dirty bowl that had once contained chocolate pudding, but now was no nothing more than a few chocolately smears of un-licked goo.


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